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My First Digital Story


I made this digital story using PhotoStory, since I (a) wanted to see what it was all about and (b) needed to present a demo on how to use it. So, here it is.


Halloween 2007

Download this wmv file to playback on your Windows PC using Windows Media Player: halloween_1.wmv

(This takes a while, since the file is about 5 MB. If you don't want to wait and don't care so much about the quality, then view it through my YouTube embedded link below).


I also converted the wmv file to an mov file, using zamzar.com and then uploaded it to my account on YouTube. Here is the embedded link for this video, which you can view within this wiki page:


This digital story was made using PhotoStory for an English 101 workshop. I really enjoyed making the digital story and coming up with the story itself. I found that the pictures created the story somewhat, although as I narrated each slide, I revised my original writing. I was thinking about what comes first . . . the story or the pictures, and I think it's a little bit of both. You might also have a story and then find pictures, either online or take them yourself, and then match the pictures to the story. Whatever you do, you will find that your digital story needs to be a good story. Digital stories are usually pretty short, about 3 to 5 minutes. Background music adds to their appeal, as well as a clear narration.



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