MEC Photo Story Workshop Materials


These materials are intended to be used during the Photo Story workshop, to speed up the process of preparing a digital story. Of course, if you brought your own pictures and story, then use those! Also, I've included the PowerPoint I gave, along with accompanying notes on each slide. Enjoy and thanks for coming to my presentation.


PowerPoint Presentation (PDF handout with notes) digitalstorytelling.pdf


Images: (compressed file you can download and then open. These are the pictures used in the sample MEC 2008 digital story.)


Background music: You can Create Music in Photo Story from an assortment of recordings, check those out. Also, try out for free downloads.


Narration: Use a good quality microphone (I used a very inexpensive headset for this example, but you might want to invest in a portable digital recorder, that can also be used as an external microphone on your computer. The one I would recommend is the Zoom H4:

You've probably seen these around ASU, as they are using them to record some of the sessions. This will set you back about $250 (check out the prices at, but hey, you will have an excellent audio recorder. The Zoom records directly to mp3 format, so you don't need to even convert the files for podcasting. And, of course, you can use it as a microphone connection on your computer.


Ideas for publishing: How about having a class Facebook group and then students uploading their videos to that group? It's easy and would be a great way to keep track of their work. Also, others could comment on the videos, prompting some, perhaps to edit and make it even better! Cool idea, huh?


Or, students could upload to TeacherTube and invite their classmates as friends so they could all view each others' videos. The possibilities are really endless now.


Quick PhotoStory example using pictures from MEC 2008!


PhotoStory1.wmv (This is a very quick digital story I put together using pictures I took during the conference. This is the file that Photo Story produces, but you can convert this easily using,, or other file conversion programs.)


I uploaded my sample wmv file to TeacherTube and put the embedding code on this page: (please bear in mind that I used a very inexpensive microphone, so the audio quality is not what you would want.)