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About Digital Storytelling


Digital storytelling from Wikipedia


Wikipedia tells us that digital storytelling is an emerging term, a form of storytelling that uses digital tools to enable "ordinary people" to tell their stories in an "emotionally and compelling form." They are relatively short (8 minutes or less) and can involve interactivity.As an emerging form, the definition of digital storytelling, according to Wikipedia, is the subject of much debate.


These stories in these pictures


A great guide for students and teachers on how to create a digital story from photos.


Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


This site is put together by the University of Houston and includes a lot of material and ways to use digital storytelling in the classroom.


The elements of digital storytelling


University of Minnesota's School of Journalism site on digital storytelling.


Center for Digital Storytelling

http://www.stor ycenter.org/stories/


BBC Wales: Digital Stories



DigitTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories


I haven't read this yet, but this site looks chock full of really good stuff.





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